BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year undergraduate program. The primary emphasis of BBA program is on developing knowledge and skills in the students so that they can effectively discharge their responsibilities as leaders, entry-level executives in government, semi-government, social and private sector organizations. Indeed, this program prepares qualified students for leadership positions in the 21st century global marketplace.

BBA program pledges to prepare students to face the challenges of the modern business world with determination, professionalism, and creativity. The goal of the program is to meet the current and emerging management needs of business enterprises and the needs of society by providing the nation with competent and skilled managers who will be able to meet the to-day's turbulent business environment as well as the future challenges.

BBA program is distinguished by a rich curriculum that is continuously updated based on input from industry executives to meet the demands of a constantly evolving business environment. With a rising reputation, the BBA enrolments grew sharply in the last couple of years.

Objectives of BBA Program :

Our BBA program provides students with an opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills related to the basic business functions. We provide our students with concentrations that reflect the diverse needs of their potential employers as well as the interests of students. Our BBA program is focused on the areas of Finance, Marketing, HRM, Management, MIS, and Accounting.

The objectives of the BBA program are:

  1. To provide students with a substantive understanding of knowledge and skills necessary to understand and function effectively in a business and administrative organization;
  2. To familiarize students with the fundamental bodies of theoretical and applied knowledge of business represented in the core courses;
  3. To help students experience in analyzing and addressing complex managerial problems in team setting;
  4. To provide students with an opportunity to concentrate their learning in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management and Human Resource Management, as represented in higher level courses;
  5. To enable students to integrate formal academic learning with their business-related experiential learning, resulting in meaningful, personalized learning that relates to their personal or professional needs;
  6. To encourage students to experience self-improvement and professional growth;
  7. To expose students to the global business environment.

Semester-wise Course Distribution of BBA

1st Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 101 Introduction to Business. 3.00
BBA 102 Business English. 3.00
BBA 103 Business Mathematics-I. 3.00
BBA 1041 Bangladesh Studies. 3.00
Total Credits = 12.00

2nd Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 111 Fundamentals of Management. 3.00
BBA 112 Business Mathematics- II. 3.00
BBA 113 Business Communication. 3.00
BBA 114 Principles of Finance. 3.00
Total Credits = 12.00

3rd Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 121 Principles of Marketing. 3.00
BBA 122 Basic Accounting. 3.00
BBA 123 Microeconomics. 3.00
Total Credits = 09.00

4th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 201 Business Statistics-I. 3.00
BBA 202 Intermediate Accounting. 3.00
BBA 203 Computer Applications in Business. 3.00
BBA 204 Macroeconomics. 3.00
Total Credits = 12.00

5th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 211 Business Statistics-II. 3.00
BBA 212 Business Law 3.00
BBA 213 Financial Management 3.00
BBA 214 E-Commerce 3.00
Total Credits = 12.00

6th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 221 Industrial Psychology 3.00
BBA 222 Cost Accounting 3.00
BBA 223 Marketing Management 3.00
Total Credits = 09.00

7th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 301 International Trade 3.00
BBA 302 Taxation 3.00
BBA 303 Industrial and Labor Law 3.00
BBA 304 Organizational Behavior 3.00
Total Credits = 12.00

8th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 311 Operations Management 3.00
BBA 312 Auditing 3.00
BBA 313 Human Resource Management 3.00
Total Credits = 09.00

9th Semester
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 321 Insurance and Risk Management 3.00
BBA 322 Bank Management 3.00
BBA 323 Management Information Systems 3.00
Total Credits = 09.00

Major in Management
Course code Course Name Credit
MGT 401 Research Methodology 3.00
MGT402 Project Management 3.00
MGT 403 Total Quality Management 3.00
MGT 404 Management of Technology 3.00
MGT 411 Cross Cultural Management 3.00
MGT 412 Evolution of Management 3.00
MGT 413 Supply Chain Management 3.00
MGT 414 Management of Multinational Enterprises 3.00
Total Credit = 24.00

Major in Human Resource Management
Course code Course Name Credit
HRM401 Research Methodology 3.00
HRM 402 Project Management 3.00
HRM 403 Human Resource Planning 3.00
HRM 404 Performance Management and Compensation Management 3.00
HRM 411 Industrial Relations 3.00
HRM 412 Training and Organizational Development 3.00
HRM 413 Career Management 3.00
HRM 414 Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Major in Accounting Information Systems
Course code Course Name Credit
AIS401 Research Methodology 3.00
AIS402 Project Management 3.00
AIS 403 Financial Accounting 3.00
AIS 404 Management Accounting 3.00
AIS 411 Accounting Theory 3.00
AIS 412 dvanced Cost Accounting 3.00
AIS 413 Corporate Financial Reporting 3.00
AIS 414 Corporate Tax Planning 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Major in Management Information Systems
Course code Course Name Credit
MIS 401 Research Research Methodology 3.00
MIS 402 Project Management 3.00
MIS 403 System Analysis and Design 3.00
MIS 404 Basic Database Management 3.00
MIS 411 Network Essentials 3.00
MIS 412 E-Commerce and Web Management 3.00
MIS 413 Management Of Technology 3.00
MIS 414 Supply Chain Management 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Major in Marketing
Course code Course Name Credit
MKT 401 Research Methodology 3.00
MKT 402 Project Management 3.00
MKT 403 Strategic Marketing 3.00
MKT 404 Marketing Information Systems 3.00
MKT 411 Global Marketing 3.00
MKT 412 E-Marketing 3.00
MKT 413 Integrated Marketing Communications 3.00
MKT 414 Customer Relationship Management 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Major in Finance
Course code Course Name Credit
FIN 401 Research Methodology 3.00
FIN 402 Project Management 3.00
FIN 403 Financial Analysis and Control 3.00
FIN 404 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3.00
FIN 411 Real Estate Finance 3.00
FIN 412 Working Capital Management 3.00
FIN 413 Investment Banking and Lease Financing 3.00
FIN 414 Development Economics 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Major in Banking
Course code Course Name Credit
BKM 401 Research Methodology 3.00
BKM 402 Project Management 3.00
BKM 403 Working capital Management 3.00
BKM 404 Treasury Management 3.00
BKM 411 Retail Banking and E-Banking 3.00
BKM 412 Islamic Banking 3.00
BKM 413 Audit and Inspection of Banks 3.00
BKM 414 Accounting for Financial Service Institutions 3.00
Total Credit Hours = 24.00

Internship and Project
Course code Course Name Credit
BBA 425 Project work 3.00
BBA 426 Internship 3.00
Total Credit = 6.00