LLB (Hons) program

Faculty of Law is creating legal professionals to meet the need of the country in the legal field. The Department of Law is the only department under this Faculty currently offering Bachelor of Laws (Honors), Bachelor of Laws (Pass), and Master of Laws. This Department is enriched with a galaxy of quite a good number of internationally reputed faculty members who are directly imparting education to the students studying under different programs at FCUB. To ensure quality education, some adjunct faculty members are also hired from Renowned University and other professional institutions. The graduates from this department will be able to contribute a lot to meet the need of the country in this field.

Objectives of LLB (Honors) Program

  1. To provide necessary knowledge that is a pre-requisite to obtain any kind of certificate, including Bar Council registration that may require of undertaking any traditional law-related business, practice, and services at all entry levels of legal practitioners.
  2. To familiarize intimately with the teaching methodologies and legal research of both national and international characters keeping in view the different types of legal systems, especially in Common Law traditions as well as Civil Law system as practiced in the Continental Europe.
  3. To bolster the progressive changes in regard to rule of law, economic reforms, human rights, women's rights, and the protection of the rights of children, elderly, sick and disadvantaged segments of the population both with the formal legal framework and beyond.
  4. To arrange comparative lessons between the legal studies and other fields of study including sociology, political science, economics, psychology, philosophy and so forth.
  5. To foster study and research into legal theory and values; to examine the relationship between theory and practice; and to enhance opportunities and provide support for scholarly research, writing, and publication by faculty members and students.
  6. To encourage students to contribute to the society, nation and to all human kind at large.
  7. To impart knowledge to the hearts and minds of the students making them capable of analyzing and examining the economic, cultural and political impact of enacted laws.

Special Features of LLB (Honors) Program:

  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members who have their evident exposure to at home and abroad.
  2. Regularly updating academic curricula to keep pace with ever changing demands of the societies and growing needs of the day.
  3. Small class-size to ensure personal care with professional touch.
  4. The state-of-the-art academic curriculum engendering cutting-edge skills for the professionals in the legal service sector.
  5. Moot court, Law Club, Debate Club, Cultural Club, etc. in order to enhance the extra-curricular activities of the students.
  6. Enriched with many Guest teachers, present and retired Judges, renowned advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
  7. A balanced group of scholars with excellent team work conducted by senior and junior faculty members.
Course structure of LL.B (Hons)
Categories of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredits
General Courses42126

LLB (Pass) program

The LLB (Pass) program helps the students to take up responsibilities of different job categories such as legal advisor, attorney, legal researcher, and member of a legal department, prosecutor, judges, and other law related services. Basically, this course would lead students to higher professional graduate degrees in their respective fields of study. This is required to sit for the Bar Examination and other competitive examinations for different attractive jobs that may demand higher quality knowledge and skills in legal areas with good legal acumen, honesty, commitment and dedication. It is also an asset for many other careers that are not directly related to law.

To face the rampant demand for legal professions, FCUB has introduced the Bachelor of Laws (Pass) program that is flexible, diverse and job oriented. This program provides the foundation for understanding all kinds of Laws, ethical theories and their applications. As a result, our students would be capable of grasping a deeper and meaningful relationship between state, law and society. In our moot court room the students usually gain experience as if they are practicing in the real court.

Salient Objectives of Bachelor of Laws (Pass) Program
  1. To study law that can prepare students as future lawyers, legal advisors, law officers, Judges,and other relevant professional;
  2. To develop clarity of thinking and ability to go straight to the heart of the problems;
  3. To study law to find out a solid foundation for careers in consulting, business academia, politics and non profit organizations;
  4. To study law that can lead to myriad opportunities in the legal profession;
  5. To enable students to interpret the various types of legal parameters to grasp comprehensively deeper meanings.
  6. To enhance students’ employment prospects and professional career;
  7. To familiarize participants with updated rules, regulations, and laws in much needed public and private services.

Graduates Getting Special Interests in Bachelor of Laws (Pass) Program

  1. Graduates contemplating a career in any legal services;
  2. Graduates having professional experience in any legal arena and willing to develop their legal experience, expertise, and skills;
  3. Graduates having relevant practical experience and willing to enhance their skills in different legal professions;
  4. Graduates getting better opportunity to enter into respective job market;
  5. Graduates may expect various types of assistance in pursuing any commendable journey in prosperity.

Special Features of Bachelor of Laws (Pass) Program

  1. Highly qualified and experienced law teachers from renowned universities and judiciary;
  2. Classes mostly held on Fridays and Saturdays;
  3. The state-of-the-art academic curricula to germinate the most advanced skills in various legal professionals;
  4. Regularly updating academic curricula to keep pace with ever-changing legal climate and growing global demands;
  5. FCUB familiarize all the students with national and international legal mechanism to resolve legal disputes;
  6. In compare with many higher educational institutions in the country, FCUB prefers to have smaller class size to take a special care with professionalism and higher standard of teaching methodology of teachers-students relationship.
Course structure of LL.B (Pass)
Categories of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredits
General Courses2060

Master of Laws (LLM)

The LLM is an advanced academic degree pursued by those holding a professional law degree. This program aspires to illuminate the law graduates with cogent sophisticated legal insight and to enhance their legal dexterity. LLM program is designed to make the students apt for engaging in law practice and different types of law related jobs in international organizations, governmental agencies as well as in national and internationally operating law firms and enterprises.

This program mainly focuses on developing necessary knowledge and a range of highly valued professional skills and the relevant legal and regulatory concepts and principles as well as addresses the practical aspects of legal knowledge. The program provides the students with a general legal perspective and a comprehensive exposure and introduces to the latest concepts and practices related to different functional areas of national and international law. Thus this program incorporates all the important courses and disciplines pertinent to legal activities throughout the country, region, and even the rest. This program also places equal emphasis on the quantitative as well as analytical approach to the study of law.

Objectives of LLM Program
  1. To make law graduates capable of undertaking any M Phil and PhD courses in any recognized university of the world.
  2. To help students widening the knowledge of domestic law relating to civil litigation, public interest litigation, intellectual property, environmental protection, sea law, application of equity in different forums of adjudications and arbitration.
  3. To enable students to promote their expertise in international law, international and comparative aspects of human rights law, humanitarian law, refugee law, air and space law, maritime law, environmental law, comparative constitutional law as well as corporate law.
  4. To enhance their legal acumen and legal drafting capabilities by teaching special course of legal drafting with modern nuances.
  5. To offer a unique opportunity to study advanced legal theories and their application.
  6. To develop knowledgeable legal expert to move quickly to key positions in legal and other service sectors.
  7. To introduce students to the basic principles and theories those underlie a better preparation of judicial mind.
Graduates Getting Special Interests in LLM
  1. Graduates contemplating a career in the legal sector.
  2. Graduates willing to develop their legal skills.
  3. Law professionals both at the bench and the bar.
  4. Graduates wishing to carry on higher studies in more intricate legal fields.
  5. Graduates wishing to prepare themselves for better jobs in different law related national and international sectors.
  6. Graduates wishing to improve their cache in the competitive market of the corporate and commercial world.
Special Features of LLM Program
  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members from renowned academic and legal sectors.
  2. Classes held mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.
  3. The state-of-the-art academic curricula engendering cutting edge skills for the legal sectors and other corporate jobs.
  4. Regularly updating academic curricula to keep pace with ever changing economic environment and growing regional and global needs.
  5. Small class size to ensure personal care with professional touch.
  6. Graduates wishing to improve their cache in the competitive market of the corporate and commercial world.
Structure of LLM Program

A student can receive LLM degree by completing credits in 3 trimesters within a year. The credits required for a particular student to receive LLM degree will be determined by the Dean of the faculty or Advisor or Coordinator of the program based on the academic credentials and legal experience of the student in legal arena. Students will select any 10 major courses (30 credits) and a mini pupilage/pupilage/internship (6 credits).

Course structure of LL.M (1 Year)
Categories of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredits
General Courses1030
Research Monograph(with oral defense)13.5