The mission of the University is to create and disseminate knowledge, to provide top quality education to its students and to share academic and intellectual research among FCUB faculty members. The prime objective of First Capital University is to make students into highly skilled professionals in their respective fields. The professionals would ethically drive enterprises globally by creating value to stakeholders in the socio- economic contest through competencies drawn from integration of strategy and Management. This mission is accomplished not only through the classroom and research initiatives of faculty members but through a variety of departments and laboratories where faculty members are involved in cutting edge research. Also we aim to graduate socially responsible future technologists and business leaders with good communication skills, problem solving skills and an entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to economic development. With a strong multidisciplinary knowledge base, graduates of FCUB will be well prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. With a focus on multidisciplinary research and education and a learning model that emphasizes active learning, FCUB aspires to be globally known for innovation at the intersection of disciplines. We invite you to visit our campus in Chuadanga and inquire about the programs and activities that interest you.